Physical Therapy Billing Softwares Choices

Using physical therapy billing softwares is an option readily available to private practice owners. The old school way of doing documentation, patient record and billing was manual with the use of pen and paper.  With the advent and the continued advancement in technology, medical software has been developed to help medical practitioners simply the recording process.

Some physical therapists would still personally prefer using pen and paper especially for those who are technologically challenged.  Here are some of the features of physical therapy billing softwares which makes using it a good choice for busy therapists.

  1. It should have a patient appointment scheduling feature and also collect basic personal information.  It may or may not come with appointment reminders.
  2. Physical therapy billing softwares should allow the user to check patient’s insurance information and coverage.  Knowing the eligibility of patients beforehand allows the billing staff to discuss other payment options.  This eliminates the problem of having to call and inform a patient that their insurance company declined coverage after the patient’s session.
  3. Physical therapy billing softwares should allow other payment options like credit cards or debit cards.  Payments online is also a good option to have.
  4. Physical therapy billing softwares to watch out for should have clearing house services and built-in payer rules.  This will greatly help in avoiding reimbursement delays.  Any unpaid claims should also be resubmitted as efficiently as possible based on insurance companies’ fee schedules.
  5. Reliable physical therapy billing softwares can save time for the physical therapy business.  Tasks like checking for patient’s insurance coverage, appointment reminders and other tasks usually done by a staff can be automated.  This will free up the therapist to focus more on patients or their staff to do other urgent and more important tasks.
  6. Integration with EHR is also one of the most have features of physical therapy billing softwares.  This comprehensive database stores your patients’ information and will hasten the billing process and help avoid errors and duplicate entries.
  7. Another nice to have feature of physical therapy billing softwares is reports and analysis. This feature will allows tracking of accounts receivable and aging of account receivable.  Knowing where and why reimbursements are slow in coming can be vital in making sure there is no problem with cash flow.  Other financial reports and analysis can also be customized to measure the clinic’s profitability.

Physical therapy billing softwares are created to simply the work life of a physical therapist.  But it must be chosen with care to ensure that it fits the purpose by ifywhich it was purchased.  Some software have to many frivolous features that can make it more complicated than it should be.


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